Saturday, January 2, 2016

Best Friend Next Door

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This book came out of nowhere for me.  I saw it on one of the Best of 2015 lists and it was at my Scholastic book fair so I bought it.  Not gonna lie....cover is not selling it for me, at least for Maine Student Book Award.  When I read for the list I really try to find books that boys and girls will like and try to find books for all the grade levels.  This book screams - "girl".  I know there are many people who disagree with me on this but...  I hate to say but the girls on the cover look younger than described, one is wearing pink and they both don't like pink, and the cat doesn't look fat enough.  Then there is the tagline on the back "Best friends make the worst enemies".  I don't feel like that captures the essence of the book at all.

The book starts with Hannah bemoaning the fact that her best friend, Sophie has moved and some strangers are moving in next door.  Then she finds out that her step-mom (soon to be adopted mom) is having a baby.  Hannah soon meets fellow palindrome, swimmer, only child, hater of pizza, same birthday girl next door Emme.  Even though they get off to a rocky start, they soon become good friends.  But when Sophie joins them for a winter camp their friendship faces a major hurdle.

So,even with the cover issues I have, this actually was a good book.  I think my 4th and 5th grade girls will read and enjoy it.

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