Friday, October 30, 2015

Kiki and Jacques

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So I am a first round Cybils judge.  I think there are about 111 books in the Middle Grade Fiction category.  Fortunately, I have already read over 40 of them and have another 20ish at my house either from the library, from my work on MSBA, or on NetGalley.  Unfortunately, I also have other books on NetGalley that I needto finish. My a bnch of Cybils books this weekend - at least the 50 page requirement.  For MSBA we have to read the whole book but I plan on reading 50 pages and if I am not liking it I will take notes, rate it on Cybils, and maybe finish it later for MSBA.  If I don't finish the book, I won't blog about it.  I don't really think I have many people who even read this or are stalking the Cybils nominees.  I guess if you are and you don'tsee a book reviewed on here then you can make the jump.

Which brings me to Kiki and Jacques.  I planned on only reading 50 pages.  Obviously I didn't. Here's the thing - it is set in Maine and with reference to the Somalis, it is also relatively short.  The book is about Jacques - a boy who likes soccer, but whose family is going through sometough times. Jacques is tempted to get easy money by doing what the local bully, Duane wants himto do.  Kiki is a new girl in school, a Somali.  She is learning to adjust.  Her brother also plays soccer.  The two become friends.  

While not a complex plot I did appreciate the realism. I think some might find it too realistic but my particlar students could probably relate.  I liked this.

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