Monday, October 26, 2015

A Handful of Stars

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Lily's dog has become blind and one day he starts running across a blueberry field.  Lily is worried he will get hurt or lost and runs after him.  Although she is unable to stop her dog, Salma, ayoung migrant worker is able to help out.  Thus begins a friendship between the two girls.  Lily and Salma quickly becomeclose and even plan a booth at the upcoming Blueberry Festival.  But when Salma decides to enter the Blueberry Queen pageant neither is sure how the town or Lily's friends will react.

I love Cynthia Lord.  She just gets it.  The book isn't overly long - but it doesn't have to be.  While there is the usual middle school drama of 2 best friends and one is growing up and starting to develop an interest in boys there was enough originality and freshness to overcome that.  Really enjoyed this.

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