Monday, July 2, 2018

The Scroll of Kings

Alex is just an apprentice to the librarian and the librarian is old and won't tell him anything.  But, one day, Alex finds the librarian dead and he believes it is suspicious.  Then he finds out the librarian at the Royal Library has also died and his mentor was supposed to take her place.  Alex feels it is the perfect opportunity for him so he pretends to be the librarian.  But when he arrives at the castle he finds more intrigue and danger than he expected.  The books seem to be alive and after him.  But why?  What is causing some books to be afraid and others to have a strange mark on them and turn deadly?

I really enjoyed this book.  Obviously from a librarian stand point it was cool but also there was a bit of mystery and intrigue.  It is the first in a series but stands alone quite well.

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