Friday, July 20, 2018

The Game Masters of Garden Place

I enjoyed the author's book Click Here to Start and helped get it on the Maine Student Book Award list so I knew I was in for a nerdy treat with this one.

In this book RBG and his friends play a Dungeons and Dragons type game called Reign of Dragons.  But they have seemed to be growing apart with middle school and new interests, especially when their game master leaves for graduate school.  While they all agree to share the role of game master it just isn't the same.  RBG tries desperately to get his friends to finish their quest but it isn't until he receives a mysterious gold die that things get weird.  While playing with the die...their characters suddenly appear in real life.

Honestly, this happens about 1/2 way through the book and that is when it really starts to get good.  I thoroughly enjoyed the action after that - the characters, their interactions, the adventure.  I hope readers will stick with the book long enough to get there because for gaming students this will be a treat.

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