Sunday, July 15, 2018

Be Prepared

Based on the author's real life experiences this graphic novel follows Vera's experiences at a 4 week summer camp for kids of Russian descent.  This is really a coming of age book and typical in many ways to middle grade fiction - fitting in, bullying, finding your way.  I have heard a variety of reactions to this and felt I should read before I chime in.  Some find this the best graphic novel ever - not me.  It was ok certainly and a pretty realistic view for some kids.  Others have found some of the topics in poor taste or too mature for the target audience.  While I do not personally like the teasing - specifically around one boy and an unfortunate bee sting and I also didn't like some underwear that went up a flag pole - I didn't feel they were enough to dismiss the book entirely.  I thought the book was okay and for students who like Smile and others by Telgemeier this will be a hit.

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