Saturday, July 28, 2018

Denis Ever After

Denis died when he was 7 - he disappeared from an amusement park and was found three days later.  It has never been solved.

Denis has been in Port Haven where the dead wait until all memory of them is gone and then they move on.  He remembers nothing because the memories of the end of your life disappear first.  But, while most of the dead don't age, Denis has aged along with his twin brother Matt who keeps remembering him and imagines he growing up with him.

Unfortunately, Matt is also now thinking more about Denis' unsolved death which cause Denis distress as well.  Finally Denis sees no alternative but to return and "haunt" his brother to try and solve the mystery around his death.

But there are a lot of secrets being kept and unanswered questions.  Can Matt and Denis figure things out and bring peace to the family?

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