Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Without Refuge

Ghalib hates that life in Syria has changed so much.  Bombs, scrounging for food, distrust.  After he and his cousin is injured by a bomb, Ghalib's family decides they must leave the country but just getting to the border is difficult - snipers, opposing forces, hunger and thirst.  Then other countries don't want them so it is more waiting, danger, extortion.  Can his family make it safely out of Syria?

Based on accounts of refugees this story will shine a light on the crisis.  This will be good for students who may need or want to know more about what is going on.

I am in an interesting situation as a librarian.  My grade 1 - 5 school will be closing in a few years and merging with another school in the district and the grade spans will all be changed.  For the most part my collection will be for a preK - 4 school with some going up to the restructured junior high which will include grades 5 - 8.  All that being said, I am trying to steer away from adding too many new books that would be best suited, as this one is, to the older crowd.

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