Sunday, March 11, 2018


This was truly a delightful book.  It is about a fairy, Ophelia, who has been trained to grant wishes.  But on her first outing things goes horribly amok and she learns about what wishes deserve to be granted, about friendship, and about consequences.  I loved the story as a whole.

But... I do wish things had moved a bit quicker.  I read this as an eBook so forgive my percents but that is how I was tracking a few things.  The first 40% of the book was about Ophelia, Haven, and her preparation and first few hours into her mission.  It wasn't until after that Sam arrived in the story.  Sam is such a great character it is too bad he didn't get more screen time.  Then, although we meet the person who ultimately gets the wish about midway through the book, I wish we had more time to get to know him as well.  

Don't get me wrong, I still loved the book - just had a few pacing issues I guess.

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