Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Ambrose Deception

What a fun book.  3 kids are chosen to compete in a contest to win a scholarship.  They have to travel all over Chicago in order to find and photograph the answers to their clues.  They also get use of a cell phone, a debit card, and a private car with driver while they are searching.  The 3 solve the clues with varying degrees of success but as they report in the notice something odd.  The man in charge doesn't seem to know the answers himself and puts them all off without announcing a winner.

They 3 soon join forces (against the rules) and discover that the whole thing is a scam - or rather, not a scholarship but a stipulation of a will and they are being used as pawns to do the legwork.

But, they may just get to keep the inheritance themselves if they can solve the last puzzle.

Funny, action, puzzles, and a bit of history thrown in.  Lots of fun. 

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