Monday, March 5, 2018

The Sky at Our Feet

Jason is shocked when he finds out his mother is in the country illegally.  Then things get worse when his mother is taken into custody while Jason hides and watches.  He believes his mother is deported right away and doesn't know what to do.  He decides to try and get to New York City to find his aunt but once he gets there he falls and gets a concussion.  In the hospital he is afraid of taking to the police so stays quiet.

In the hospital he meets Max.  He doesn't exactly know why she is there but he knows she wants to get out too.  Together they plan a great escape.  Once they are out of the hospital the travel throughout the city looking for Jason's aunt and the zoo because Max wants to go there.  

But of course things don't go smoothly but Max and Jason become friends along the way.

This was a decent book - the immigration angle was good and Jason and Max's friendship was cool.

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