Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Most Frightening Story Ever Told

I quite enjoyed this story.  Billy Shivers is a reader and finds himself drawn to The Haunted House of Books and Mr. Rapscallion.  He loves the pranks, the "atmosfear", and the books.  But the bookstore is failing and Mr. Rapscallion finds himself in possession of a hundreds year old story that is considered the most frightening story ever told - in fact, the last time it was read several children went mad and one even died from fright.  Mr. Rapscallion starts a contest where 5 children will get to hear the story and the one who isn't frightened will win $1000.  

This was a lot of fun - good allusions to ghost stories of the past, reminded me of Dahl, and a great twist at the end.  My one concern is the text of the short stories in the book which may be hard for some students to read.

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