Monday, August 22, 2016

A Bandit's Tale

In the late 1800s Rocco is sent in disgrace to America where he will work as a street musician for a padrone.  But the padrone mistreats his boys and Rocco looks for a way out.  One of his attempts at making more money is to take up with a mob of pickpockets but he ends up getting arrested.  He eventually escapes from the island where he is being "reformed" and ends up working for a blacksmith.  But Rocco still feels he has to lie and struggles to resolve his need for money and his conscience.  Rocco learns about attempts being made to make conditions for the animals and people of NYC and becomes involved in the efforts.

This was a fun book.  Rocco was a great character put in a tough situation.  The supporting characters were also good.  Really enjoyed this.

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