Sunday, August 28, 2016


I have had the arc for this book for quite some time and have just never gotten around to it.  I started it last night and didn't want to stop and pretty much devoured it today.  Of the three books in the trio by Schrefer, this is my favorite.

Raja was brought home by John's father when he was about 10.  The two became best buddies even though Raja was a bit of a handful.  But when the two had to be separated due to an illness, Raja became aggravated and in a fit of confusion, terror, and loneliness, John lost a finger.  Soon after that John's parents divorced and Raja stayed with his dad while John and his mom moved west.

Now, a few years later John's dad lets him know that Raja is being taken to a zoo.  John decides to go see Raja one last time but when he sees where Raja is being sent he stages a rescue.  On the run, John eventually gets help from a vet and others to get Raja back to his home.

Of the three books by Schrefer this was the least violent which makes it a better fit for my students.  

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