Monday, August 8, 2016

The Apple Tart of Hope

Wow, that was something.  Short but packed a punch.  Alas, too old for my particular school but I will highly recommend.

Oscar and Meg have been neighbors and best friends for a long time.  When Meg's parents decide to move to New Zealand for 6 months Meg is not happy.  Oscar encourages her to embrace the change and of course keep in touch.  Meg finally realizes why she doesn't want to leave and writes Oscar a letter about it.  But she never sends it, she puts it under her mattress.  Enter Paloma, the perfect girl who moves into Meg's house while they are gone.  Oh, a woman scorned.  Things go terribly wrong for Meg and Oscar due to a intentional misdirect and meddling by Paloma.  Shortly after everyone thinks Oscar has committed suicide.  But did he?  Is Meg crazy to hope?

Like I said really good!!!

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