Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Three Hares: Bloodline

After Ethan's father's mysterious death last year things have been unsettled.  His mom is a mess and his own life is upside down.  But that is nothing compared to what happens after he and his friend Jacob discover a map.  Instead of treasure they find a centuries old secret society and Ethan is directly related to its founder and expected to be the new leader.

Can Ethan, his new friends, and the Three Hares expose a plot by the new mayor and the Red Fox gang which is behind it all and determined to end both Ethan and the Three Hares forever?

This had some good action and some nice twists.  It was a bit unrealistic in that weeks went by with little involvement or concern from Ethan, Jacob, or Liz's parents - although part of that was revealed in a plot twist at the end (I saw it coming - will readers?).  All in all a solid and clever book.

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