Friday, April 27, 2018

The Creature of the Pines

This is the first book in a new series by Adam Gidwitz - The Unicorn Rescue Society - geared for younger readers.

In this first installment we meet Elliot who is brand new to school.  Elliot's first day features a field trip with his teacher Miss Vole and the social studies teacher Professor Fauna.  On the bus Elliot meets Uchenna and they hit it off immediately.  The field trip itself is pretty bizarre - they go to the Pine Barrens, meet a storyteller named Dr. Thomas, and Elliot and Uchenna discover a New Jersey Devil.

When the New Jersey Devil follows Elliot and Uchenna home but then runs away the kids have no choice but to fill in Professor Fauna.  Of course, then he fills them in on his secret society.

A cute first installment that is sure to please fans of books like Spiderwick Chronicles or Dragonslayer Academy.  Not a lot of character development but a fun introduction which promises more cute creatures.

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