Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Doughnut Fix

When Tristan's parents decide to move from NYC to the middle of nowhere, none of the kids are happy.  But while his older sister still seems able to connect with friends from the city and his younger sister is just having fun, Tristan is floundering.  That is, until he hears about some mysterious chocolate cream doughnuts that a local store owner used to make.  Now, with time on his hands until he starts school, Tristan decides to recreate the recipe and go into business for himself.  Along the way he starts making his own friends and learns a bit about business as well.

This was a pretty cute story.  Nothing overly flashy but a solid middle grade book.  I was a bit confused about the cover - the raccoon makes a brief appearance right before the end of the book and that's it.

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