Saturday, April 28, 2018

Gone to Drift


Oh, found 2 cover images.  I am guessing the one on the right is from original publication and the one on the left is US publication.

Lloyd's grandfather has gone missing.  He was supposed to come back from fishing days ago and hasn't returned.  Lloyd is really worried - his grandfather had gone out to an area he usually never gone to and his father doesn't even seem to care.  As more time goes on Lloyd becomes even more worried and suspicious that foul play is involved.  Interspersed with the narrative from Lloyd's perspective we get the history of the grandfather who is, in fact, stranded on a rock in the ocean.  Can Lloyd get to the bottom of his grandfather's disappearance and find him before it is too late?

This was a good book.  The language took a bit to get used to with Jamaican terms and dialect but there was a good message and good growth.

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