Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Following Baxter

Jordie is so excited when someone moves in next door.  She becomes even more thrilled when she finds out that Professor Reece is taking care of a dog and later decides to keep the dog.  Baxter, the dog is huge and friendly and seems to have this magical ability to understand and respond to Jordie.  

Soon Jordie finds out even more about Professor Reece and her experiments - she is figuring out how to teleport things.  The weird thing is that the hat she teleports does not end up where it is supposed to.  Even weirder?  Baxter can find the hat after it is teleported.

When Dr. Reece decides to teleport herself to see if she can figure things out she ends up disappearing.  Can Jordie, Baxter, and her brother figure out how everything works and find Dr. Reece.

I liked this so much better than I thought I would.  Fun science and dog story.

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