Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Best Medicine

What could be more embarrassing for a 12 year old boy than for his mom to have breast cancer?  That's what Philip thinks at first but when he takes a step back and learns that it's not all about him he learns a lot about himself and those around him.

So I was wondering how much of this book would focus on mom's breast - the blurbs about the book made it seem kind of shallow in that regard.  Philip was a bit one track at first but did learn and grow throughout.  My issue was the other character's development - all of a sudden at the end he finds out his best friend is dating someone and he had no clue they liked each other, he learns about the bully's secret, and his crush now likes him.  There didn't seem to be enough lead up to those events and some things were just left dangling - the poetry assignment for one.  I just didn't think the book as a whole was fleshed out enough.

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