Thursday, June 8, 2017


Feather's mom is morbidly obese and after a scary incident requiring her hospitalization, Feather knows she must intervene.  When a boy, Clay, shows up things seem to get worse.  As Feather starts trying to help her mom she finds out that her mom used to be an activist and very healthy.  What was the "trigger" that caused her mom to overeat and hide away from everyone.  What does Clay, who suffers from Anorexia, have to do with it?

There was a lot going on with this book - from the 2 main issues of overweight and underweight to the secrets people keep for others.  I liked the book but it is really too heavy for my students.  I think it would do well in a junior high and high school setting.  My biggest complaint was that in Feather's digging into the past she was able to find out about her mom being a dancer and an activist but wasn't able to find out about the "big secret" to the book.  I can't imagine that (no spoilers) the event wouldn't have been in the news of the time and searchable via the internet.

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