Saturday, June 17, 2017

Isaac the Alchemist

This was an interesting look into the life of Sir Isaac Newton.  He was a reclusive man who kept many of discoveries secret for a long time.  He also had a fascination with alchemy.  This seems directly opposite of his scientific mind but at the time both the sciences and alchemy were seen as "magic".  This book shows the bridge of these two interests of Newton.  The text is not too dense with mathematical or scientific terms or equations so for the most part it is an accessible read for students.  The difficulty lies in the direct quotes from his works and other people talking about him.  These contain old English spellings and grammar which could trip up younger readers.  I was sent a copy of the book by the publisher to review for MSBA and also had an eBook from NetGalley.  I liked the text and hope others on the committee read it but it would probably be too complex for the readers in my library - I will pass it on to the junior high.

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