Friday, April 21, 2017

The List

I am conflicted about this book.  I loved the beginning and the set up.  The polar ice caps have melted resulting in global flooding.  Many of the survivors are fortunate to live in a secure location known as the Ark led by John Noa.  Letta is in training to be a wordsmith.  Her job is to create and copy the approved list of words that people are allowed to use.  This list has just been cut from 700 to 500.  John Noa believes that language is what doomed the human race and he wants to limit people's creativity, drive, and future thinking.  He believes people should live for today only - just the food they need for the day.  He regulates everything in Ark and Letta never questioned it - until her teacher Benjamin disappeared and she met Marlo - a boy who lives outside of Ark and believes in the right of expression.  Soon Letta is caught up in finding the truth.  What she finds is more horrible than she imagined because Noa wants to get rid of language altogether.

This was quite intriguing - especially at the beginning.  I did not, however, like the ending because the struggle did not seem to have any effect and it was still uncertain.  Yes Letta saved the people from becoming wordless but someone else was in control who wasn't much better...  This was originally published in Ireland with the title The Wordsmith.  It doesn't appear that there is a sequel...

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