Saturday, April 1, 2017

Siren Sisters

I really liked the beginning of this - 4 sisters, 3 of whom are already sirens and luring sailors and ships to destruction and another sister, our main character, who is almost a siren.  But Lolly doesn't want to be a siren.  She wants to hang out with her friend Jason.  

Like I said the beginning was good - tension with a bully, love interest with Jason, a townsperson bent on finding and capturing the sirens, a school teacher who knows more than she is saying, the mystery of the Sea Witch.

But then things fell apart or lost the tension.  The bully never really amounted to much,  the townsperson was killed in a shipwreck caused by now siren Lolly - no big deal, the Sea Witch gave Lolly and Jason the means of breaking part of the curse and then didn't offer much resistance and the ending was really nebulous.

Bummer - started well but in the end didn't work for me.

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