Sunday, April 16, 2017


After an incident at school Sam just wants to get away and maybe prove to himself and the world that he is stronger than he looks.  That's why he sets out in his new boat to find a missing body even though his dad, a police officer, told him not to go to the swampy area.  While Sam does not find a body right away he does find a boy, Davey, living in an abandoned cabin waiting for his brother and father to get him.  Slowly Sam and Davey build a friendship but in spite of the thrill of living on their own there are underlying currents of fear and suspicion.  Where is Davey's brother and dad?  Then, when Davey's brother shows up, Sam figures out that all is certainly not right.  Can Sam help out his new friend without placing himself in danger?

There was a lot of action in this book and a bit of a mystery.  Sam learns a lot about himself and the nature of friendship.  My one complaint was that the climax came too early and then there were several chapters that wrapped up some loose ends - the ending was too long without some conflict.

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