Thursday, April 13, 2017

Last Day on Mars

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The sun is going supernova.  Earth has already been destroyed and the temporary colony on Mars is next.  Many people have already evacuated on their way to a potentially hospitable planet far away.  Liam, his friend Phoebe, and their families are among the last to leave.  Liam and Phoebe's parents are scientists and are running important tests that will be vital to their future survival.  But, as time draws dangerously close there is an accident.  Liam and Phoebe's parents are trapped and injured and the kids must find a way to save them.  But there is more at work here - time travel, sabotage, aliens...
I liked the beginning of the book but it started to lag in the middle for me and I just lost interest.  Perhaps it was because I couldn't really follow what was happening - it seems like their are 2  adversaries and a mysterious Phase 1.  As the first book in a series I am sure things will be explained later...  I will admit too that my reading has really been interrupted and inconsistent in the last week or so which may have made a difference.

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