Thursday, April 27, 2017

Me and Marvin Gardens

So, I read a lot.  I think I finished this Tuesday night but for some reason didn't do my blog them.  Weds. night I went to a meeting and got home after 8:00 and then had Survivor.  So 2 days later I am trying to blog.  My memory is not great - I envy people who can book talk with great detail.  That's not me, I am good with saying whether I liked it or not but I already have another book going and lose the details...

But here goes...Obe's family is in mourning if you will - but it's the loss of land and history.  Over time the Devlin's have had to sell their land and now that land is being developed - new homes, new families.  With the new families come new kids and suddenly Obe is in a turf war with his former best friend and the neighborhood kids.  In addition, Obe feels that the development is encroaching on his territory and cause pollution, trash, and noise.

Then one day Obe meets Marvin.  He's unsure what to make of Marvin who is kind of like a dog, kind of like a pig and who eats plastic.  Obe develops a friendship with Marvin but worries when Marvin's scat seems toxic and starts causing problems and the neighborhood fears a "danger" they don't understand.

Can Obe keep Marvin safe and mend fences and friendships?  I enjoyed this story and the uniqueness of Marvin.  It was also a good way to address some environmental concerns without seeming preachy.  

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