Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Goldfish Boy

Matthew has been struggling with some obsessive behaviors ever since his mom lost baby Callum just before he was due to be born.  You see, he thinks it was his fault.  He was sick right before the the incident and well, it must have been his germs that caused it.  Til recently he has been able to keep the hand washing, etc to himself but it's gotten worse.  Now he is refusing to go to school, wears plastic gloves, and won't touch anyone.  

Interestingly enough, due to his confinement in his room, he is the last one to see Teddy, the toddler staying next door, before he disappeared.  Can Matthew's observations from his room help him solve the case?  Can he find the courage to get the help he needs?

Overall it was the mystery of the book that made it rise to the top.  I was skeptical of the parents being oblivious for so long.  Then I was angry especially with the dad (who eventually came around).  But the disappearance of Teddy and the investigation and Matthew's internal struggle was the meat of the book.

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