Friday, March 24, 2017

The Doll's Eye

Hadley is not happy with her new life - new stepfather, stepbrother, house in the country.  She wishes that things could go back to the way they were, wishes she knew her real father.  Shortly after arriving at the house Hadley finds a mysterious dollhouse with 3 dolls and a glass eye.  Weird things start happening - she meets the old lady who lives about the garage and this lady makes new dolls for the dollhouse that look just like her family.  The old dolls disappear.  Then, while holding the eye, Hadley rashly wishes that her stepfather and stepbrother were not around and that her real father was - and she gets that wish.  But wishes have a way of coming true in unexpected ways and Hadley is not pleased with the results.

Intermingled with this story is the back story of the original family that lived in the house and the bargain that girl made with a kobold.  

I liked the book - very creepy but in the last 20 pages or so it turned sour for me.  The original girl's bargain was a bit gruesome and the ending was unexpected and unsatisfying.  Maybe a sequel???  Kids will probably love it... me not so much.

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