Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World

Science and mystery meet in the first book in a new series by Bill Nye, the science guy.  Jack, Ava, and Matt are 3 orphans who have been in the system for a long time but due to Ava and Matt's genius status and relationship with Jack the 3 have managed to liberate themselves from the system and are on their own.  When they become curious about a nearby skyscraper they meet and become employed by Hank Witherspoon an inventor.  Soon Hank invites them to the Antarctic to meet a fellow inventor and to help him judge a contest.  When they arrive though the other inventor is missing.  Can Jack and the geniuses find out where she went and survive at the bottom of the world.

So, this wasn't bad but it was pretty unrealistic - from them living alone to them being able to go to the Antarctic and then the risks they took while there.  Kids probably won't mind.  There were some good science bits of course with explanations at the end.  

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