Monday, November 28, 2016

The Secret of the Sphinx

Hmmm...  this was not a very long book but the mystery in it was quite good... until it wasn't.  I really liked it until the last 30 pages or so and then the ending left me cold...

So to explain...  ancient curse, vizier murdered and his soul placed in a sphinx until a descendant of the pharaoh came to power.  Enter Jon who happens to look like the ancient Egyptian prince.  That similarity causes the sphinx to reach out to him and they travel back in time to solve the mystery.  Things were going great - mystery almost solved until the bad guy killed the real prince and got away and Jon and the sphinx came back to the present.  But then...  Jon got invited to a meeting of the new Egyptian president and the president of the US where he stopped an assassination attempt.  The assassin - the bad guy come to take care of the descendant of the pharaoh who would release the sphinx from the curse.  Yeah - the whole part with Jon stopping the assassination attempt - not thinking a bomb would have made it through security - at least I hope not. 

Wish it had ended differently...

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