Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Distance Between Us

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This memoir tells of Reyna's early life in Mexico where her parents both left her, her sister Mago, and her brother Carlos while they went in search of a better life in the US.  After several years her mother came back but never really took care of her children - she had another baby Betty by then and was separated from the children's father.  Eventually their father returned and was able to smuggle the 3 children into the US.  Their mother also eventually returned to the US with a boyfriend and yet another child.  In spite of this turbulent childhood which also involved abuse, Reyna worked hard to make her dreams of an education come true.

The book was sad - sad that a girl had to go through so much but triumphant, especially when she found someone who helped her out.  I wish there had been more about her mentor Diana.

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