Wednesday, November 30, 2016


There was a lot going on with this book and not all of it was resolved and I am not sure I really "got" it all.  At the most basic we have Wull who is destined to become the Riverkeep like his father.  But, one night while working, his father was dragged underwater and now is "possessed" by another creature.  Wull believes that by traveling to a nearby town and killing a horrible creature, the mormorach, he can find a way to save his father.  Along the way he picks up some interesting companions - Tillinghast, a man made of straw who is carrying a stolen mandrake, Mix who is a mystery, and Remedie whose baby Bonn died a year ago but has been replaced by a wooden boy that is coming alive the closer it gets to the mormorach.  Yep... kind of strange. 

So - my ultimate take?  Based on the length - 403 pages - and the depth of world building and some innuendo it is out of the range of my students but it has merit and I could see it in a middle school or junior high for students who love a good fantasy.

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