Monday, November 7, 2016

Bees on the Roof

Sam and his friends Ella, Matt, and Tristan have to think of a good idea for their science fair project.  When they learn about bees and specifically Colony Collapse Disorder the decide to study bees.  To make it even better they decide to become bee keepers and set up hives on top of the building that houses the restaurant where Sam's dad works.  But things are complicated - the restaurant is losing business, another team is cheating, Sam has a crush on Ella, one member of the team is allergic to bees, and there is mystery surrounding a teacher.

Overall the story was good.  Good facts about bees and the plot was good for the most part.  I felt like there were too many things going on and some of the transitions between chapters were big leaps of time with little explanation.  My biggest disconnect was the cover which looks very 4th grade or younger and the romantic storyline between Sam and Ella.  Didn't jive.

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