Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer of Lost and Found


Oh the cover.  I really wish that the cover had represented the fact that Ambrose was also a major player in the plot.  The cover really would lead a reader from my school to have a totally different perception of the plot.

Nell is forced to go with her mother to the area of the lost colony of Roanoke to study a mysterious grape vine when her father leaves suddenly.  Filled with questions and concerns, Nell has trouble acclimating to the summer.  Then she meets a mysterious boy, Ambrose, who seems to appear suddenly, is always dressed in reenactment clothes, and is drawn to the mystery of Roanoke.  Together the two of them make discoveries about both the lost colony and themselves.

So, as an adult reader I had Ambrose figured out right away and I was annoyed with Nell's bad choices.  But, a middle grade reader would not feel the same way about the book.

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