Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finding Serandipity

The copy I read had the cover on the right.  I think I prefer the one on the left.

Tuesday's mom is a famous author who hides her identity to protect her privacy.  One night as Tuesday's mom, Serandipity, is finishing her latest novel, she disappears.  Tuesday's dad doesn't seem worried but Tuesday decides to try and find her.  She finds the words "the end" in a box near her mother's typewriter and tries to add them to her mother's story.  When that fails she decides to write her own words on her mom's typewriter but when she does that she is whisked away to a place where stories are born.  This place is where authors can live the stories they are creating.  In trying to find her mom, Tuesday stumbles into a complicated story of her own.

At first, I wasn't quite sure about the book but then I was drawn in.  Overall I enjoyed it.

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