Sunday, May 15, 2016


For Wayne there are 3 time periods...Before, After, and Now.  In the before, Wayne lived with his mom, had a sort of girlfriend, and had an uncle in the army he was proud of.  Then his uncle died and on the way home from the funeral he and his mother were in a plane crash.  While they both survived, the flag from his uncle's funeral was lost, Wayne suffered injuries on his face and throat and couldn't talk for awhile, and his mom was also injured.  It is decided that his grandfather will come live with them for awhile.  Can Wayne navigate this new After - make friends, figure out his relationship with Sandy, find out what is going on with his grandfather, and even more importantly find his uncle's flag?  

I liked the book pretty well but I am not sure it is enough to really pull most readers in... I am a bit torn about whether I will purchase it or not.

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