Monday, May 30, 2016

Jacky Ha Ha

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This book had a lot more heart than I was expecting.  Sometimes books by James Patterson and his coauthors are just funny or fluffy.  This one had a lot more meat to it.

Jacky is the middle girl of 6.  She stutters and to overcome that she has developed into quite the class clown.  The problem is that she gets into a lot of trouble.  The book takes place in the early 90s.  Her mom is in Iraq fighting Saddam Hussein, her dad is being secretive, her sisters are all over the place and Jacky is trying to turn over a new leaf.  She is talked into being in the school play and a speech team.  Can she overcome her stutter and use her ability to make people laugh in a more productive way? will enjoy this - it was funny, a fairly quick read, light enough fare but also a decent plot.  My quibbles - how the one teacher and Jacky went against her father's orders.  It worked out in the end but...  Also the fact that the father never explained himself until the end...  yes, it also worked out but his secrets caused a lot of needless anxiety and trouble for the family.  

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