Friday, April 15, 2016

The Girl in the Well is Me

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After her father was arrested, Kammie, her mother and brother moved to Texas to start over.  All she wants to do is fit in even if that means hanging out with Sandy, Kandy, and Mandy.  But when their initiation goes wrong, Kammie finds herself stuck in a well.  

While in the well Kammie reflects on what led up to that point.  She also suffers from a lack of oxygen, dehydration, and numerous injuries which lead to weird hallucinations and dreams. Those aspects, while realistic made the book hard to read.  In addition, the swearing and her discussion of unbeing made this too mature for my particular audience.  I could see this at a junior high or middle school.  I was annoyed that the girls didn't seem to get into trouble.

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