Saturday, April 30, 2016

Be Light Like a Bird

Wren's life is in turmoil after the sudden death of her father in an airplane crash.  Her mother is angry, won't talk about her dad, is moving them around every few weeks, and is dating already.  When they arrive in the town of Pyramid, Wren is determined to stay.  After a brief time trying to fit in with the popular girls, Wren instead finds a friend in Theo - a nerd who likes photography and has also suffered a loss.  Together they embark on a quest to save a nearby pond from being used as a landfill.  Along the way Wren learns some unsettling truths about her father but as a result grows closer to her mother.

While I liked the book overall, it really didn't pick up until the last third of it.  Might be hard to keep students' interest that long.

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