Friday, April 22, 2016

Just Like Me

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Julia, Avery, and Becca were all at the same orphanage in China and were all adopted at the same time.  They even see each other pretty regularly.  They have been asked to attend a camp together and "bond" in preparation for an article being written about them.  Avery and Becca love Chines things and are excited about the camp.  But Julia doesn't like any of it.  She wishes for more information about her birth mother and even pretends that a blanket she has is from her birth mother.  The bonding that is supposed to ccur is in jeopardy with a cabin full of girls that can't seem to get along.

I really enjoyed nncy Cavenaugh's other books.  While this was good, it was not my fvorite.  I will probably still get it for the library though ;0

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