Saturday, August 11, 2018

The House in Polar Wood

Every town has them - the 3 shades Death, Memory, and Passion and a Summoner who balances them out.  But in the town where Felix, Lee, and Gretchen live things have gone terribly wrong.  There has been a mysterious death of the apprentice to Passion, there has been meddling by Passion that resulted in an unfair agreement between the apprentices of Death and Memory forcing the married apprentices to never see each other and also keep them from seeing one of their children.

But, Felix, Lee, and Gretchen want to "rite" the wrongs.  Deliciously creepy and creative and also touching on cause and effect - I really enjoyed it.  Of course I personally appreciated where Gretchen was worried about her spleen exploding - I feel your pain girl.

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