Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Lost Rainforest: Mez's Magic

I am not one for animal fantasy typically but I did like the beginning of this book.  

Mez is not your typical panther.  His is awake during the day - gasp.  That is not normal and not accepted.  Once, during his time awake, he sees another animal that shouldn't be awake - a boa.  Soon the 2 meet and talk.  The boy tells Mez that they are nightwalkers and they, with others born at the eclipse, have special powers.  Not only that but their powers are needed to stop the ant queen from rising.

The two set off for the ziggurat where the ant queen has been imprisoned, collecting other nightwalkers as they go.  Can Mez find his secret power and can he and his friends keep the queen from rising?

So I did like the beginning but then as I got closer to the end I got bogged down in it, especially as the sequel loomed ever more obviously.  For those who enjoy this type of fantasy I think it will be a good read but it wasn't my favorite.  

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