Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Only Road

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I was drawn to this book because of my experiences in Guatemala.  Last time I was there a teenage girl spoke of her desire to escape to the US for a better life.  Some people on our team talked her out of it due to the dangers...  but one can see the appeal.

In this book, Jamie and Miguel are targeted by the local gang.  It really is either join or die - and then, one day when he is alone, Miguel is killed.  Now, even more, Jamie is in danger and so is his cousin Angela who caught the eye of the gang.  There only road is escape to the US to join Jamie's older brother.  But even with money the way is dangerous - more gangs, trains, immigration workers, and more.  Can Jamie and Angela make it safely?

I am torn by the immigration issue - I feel for the refugees and those just searching for a better life but worry about our resources being stretched thin.  This book really brought to life the struggle.  Loved it.

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