Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Memory Thief

I was pleasantly surprised by this.  Twins Benji and Kelly are really close.  They have to be with their parents constantly arguing.  They both wish there was something they could do to keep their parents from divorcing and possibly splitting them up.  When Benji stumbles upon a weird tent at the fair he meets Louis who buys and sells and steals memories. At first Benji thinks he has found the solution to his problems but when another Memory Thief, Genevieve, arrives he finds himself in deep trouble.  First, Kelly's memories are stolen.  Then Louis dies and imparts his gift to Benji.  Benji takes his parents memories of being angry with each other but in doing some erases other things about them as well.  Then Genevieve gets ahold of their memories.  What a mess?  Can Benji ever fix everything?

Good length and pacing.  I liked the insight into memories - especially when Benji compared his parents memories of the same event and he and Kelly's memories of the same events.  I had actually been thinking of the very thing recently - how we can experience something with someone and yet both remember it differently.  Interesting stuff.

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