Monday, October 10, 2016

27 Magic Words

I am so not sure what to do with this book.  For most of the book I thought it was a magical fantasy and then it turned tragically realistic.  Is it too sad for my students?  Not that I would censor it per se - but would I strongly recommend.  I thought the writing was lovely...

Kobi's mother, a writer gave her 27 words on post it notes and she was told they were "magic".  Since her parents' disappearance Kobi has found out what magic most of the words contain - especially Avanti which lets her see her parents on the island they are stranded on.  But they haven't returned and things are changing - her grandmother is getting married, her and her sister are drifting apart, and they are staying with an uncle that Kobi doesn't remember ever meeting.  Can she figure out what the rest of the magic words mean and find a way to get her parents back?

Like I said, well written but sad...

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