Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reading Dilemma

So Many Books...So Little Time.  Isn't that the truth.  I'm guessing I have a close to 100 books in my room I want to read plus all the Free Friday Nook Books I am hoarding on my Nook.  Oh and then there's the Netgalley books.  The last 2 years I have read all the books on the year's Maine Student Book Award list and also been able to read a lot of other books.  Now I am on the committee.  So, I am reading books published in 2013 that will go on the 2014/2015 list.  But I haven't read all the books on the 2013/2014 list.  Oh the horror.  I currently have 11 books in the immediate pile - 5 are 2013 books, 4 are books on the 2013/2014 list, and the other 2 are just books I've really wanted to read.  Like I said before that doesn't include the Netgalley books.  Oh and did I mention I am still working on my Library and Information Science degree (1 class now, 2 in the summer), I work fulltime, I try to run at least every other day, I am helping with the school play, I am a wife and mother, and I am addicted to CrossMe on my phone.  What to do?  Well first, stop writing this blog and finish my research paper.  Then watch Survivor (one of the few shows I watch) and then try to fit in a blog/book review of one I finished last night, and maybe read a 2013 graphic novel before bed.  Overcommited much??

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