Saturday, May 26, 2018

Positively Izzy

I really enjoyed the author's book Invisible Emmie and I was really looking forward to this.  In this book we have 2 middle school students - Brianna the brain who is talked into performing in the talent show by her mom, the drama coach and Izzy the comedian who can't wait to be in the talent show but her grades are so bad her mom grounds her.  Both girls struggle with choices and friendships.  I enjoyed the back and forth and the different styles of graphics but I still had a hard time keeping the girls straight.  Based on reviews I had seen I was expecting the 2 to intersect a lot sooner than they did.  They is a huge reveal on the last page - I hadn't figured it out and I wish it had come sooner and had a bit more to it.  I think kids will love it more than I did.

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