Friday, May 11, 2018

Chasing Helicity

Man - this book was frustrating.  I absolutely loved the first half - the tornado, the immediate after effect - very well done, good details and action.  Then...  things started moving too quickly and there were things that didn't get developed enough.  First, a friendship and immediate offer to go storm chasing with Lana seemed implausible on the part of the parents.  Then, there is definitely an issue with the brother that is hinted at but for the target audience I don't think they will get it.  Then of course is the issue of a first book in a series and a major cliffhanging ending.  I usually complain about books being too long but in this case it is too short.  I would rather have seen this "series" put in one slightly longer book.  I think my readers will be just as frustrated as I am even though the weather - tornado and flooding descriptions were great.

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